The Western Front

The Life and Death of a British Officer

Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown



The collection of material on this website was housed in a small cloth bound notebook.


It was made up of over 80 handwritten pages, with postcards, newspaper clippings, letters and other documents attached to it.


There is every indication that the  material was written and collected by Mabel Wreford Brown, sister of Eric. In his letters home he makes reference to the fact that she is maintaining some kind of record of his wartime experiences.


The material has been scanned as high resolution JPG files and is available here, along with a transcript of the notebook.


The original material is very fragile - at least one hundred years old. Digitisation seemed the best way of preserving and opening up the experiences described in Eric's letters home.


Mabel did not copy every letter. Eric was a prolific letter writer. The notebook contains extracts slected by - I am assuming - Mabel.


I have visited Eric's grave in Corbie.


In his letters he comes across as a thoroughly 'decent' human being, given the context in which he was writing.


The most emotional aspect of this whole project was opening the letter sent by a friend who visited his grave in 1920 and finding the dried remains of the flower, picked from Eric's grave, by that friend.