The Western Front

The Life and Death of a British Officer

Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown

Page 23 - Rest camp

We are here after 8 weeks in the line. Rest camp is a farce as we get no rest at all. We arrived here at 2am ... Reveille 6am and physical drill 6.45 am ! Today our men were ordered for fatigues about 5 miles away. Starting at 7.45 it poured most of the time and they returned to the camp absolutely wet to the skin, the men have no change. The men have their dugouts.


Page 24 - This is splendid work

This is splendid work and very satisfactory, though difficult to carry out, as directly the Germans see anyone working they promptly shell that part.

Page 25 - Plenty of cocoa and soap

I have just opened your last parcel - thank you so much. I now have plenty of cocoa and soap. Those soup packets you send me are very much appreciated by all of us - I can take more. I want two pairs of socks in the next parcel. Braid (?) powder was very handy, ones feet get very sore in the trenches as we cannot take off our boots.

Page 26 - We are pushing them back

We are pushing them back all along the line. The start was made yesterday. I pray God it may continue.

Page 27 - We are having a good rest

I hear we are to move back to our spot in the woods, immediately behind our own line of trenches. This means we shall be back in the trenches again before long. We are having a good rest this time.