The Western Front

The Life and Death of a British Officer

Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown

The gramophone has arrived and a source of great pleasure.


June 7th

I was very glad to hear that Beau was safe. We have had quite a good time here though the training at times has been pretty strenuous. I somehow think that Sir W Robertson will be a successor in Ks place.


June 10th

This is a programme of one of our concerts. It might go in your book.

Tomorrow I expect the Battalion will move away south for business. I regard the news generally as good. The enemy are losing very heavily all round and are not making ground particularly.

JUNE 1916

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Page 60 - A very different battalion

It is a very different Battalion to what it was a year ago. B has only 1 officer left besides myself and he is away on leave. It makes one feel very lonely, especially as one keeps reading of the loss of people one knows quite well. I wonder what England will be after the war is all over. I hear the preparations for some movement are very big. There is quite a feeling of excitement and the men feel they are going to make a big hole in the German line.


June 21st

Meulte near Albert.