The Western Front

The Life and Death of a British Officer

Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown

Many thanks for letter and parcel which arrived safely this morning. I hope to see Holsworth some time but I know he is very busy. If he knows name of Regiment and number of Division he will have no difficulty in finding us.


Everything is going along satisfactorily, people at home must not get too elated, as there is still a long way to go and the old Hun can be very stubborn fighters. You might send parcels occasionally. We have had biscuits only for the last few days (and of course Bully Beef). It is good training, but monotonous and hard for the teeth ! but mine manage to stand it all right. Love to all.

JULY 1916

Page 60 - July 1st

This was Eric’s last letter home.


There are 2 field postcards received in Bristol on July 8th attached to the pages of the notebook.


They were sent by Eric from his hospital bed and are the standard cards with lines crossed out. Both are signed by him.


He died on July 7th as a result of wounds received - aged 38.


Close to the spot where Eric was injured.