The Western Front

The Life and Death of a British Officer

Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown

Page 62 - Headquarters BEF

The news of your brothers wound will have reached you already. I fear it is a very serious wound, chiefly owing to shock and loss of blood - He was wounded on July 5th and this afternoon he is very distinctly stronger than this morning.


Page 63 - Page 64 - Page 65 - Letter from a fellow officer

Page 66 - Letter from sister-in-charge

I am afraid that poor old Wreford died this afternoon. He never really had a chance I suppose and had he lived his leg would have had to be amputated at the hip, a very dangerous operation even when in good health. he lived 3 days after being wounded and I don’t think he ever suffered real pain.

Page 68 - Page 69 - Colonel's Letter


Page 74 - Page 75 - Page 76 - Letter from Pte Long

I much regret to tell you that Capt Wreford Brown died in this hospital today. He was seriously wounded in the thigh and there was practically no hope of his recovery. He asked me to write to you ... Everything that could be done for him was done and he received every care and attention. If you write to the Graves Registration Committee BEF they will tell you where he is to be buried. His end was very very peaceful.

Page 67 - Telegram from the War Office

Deeply regret to inform you that Capt O E Wreford Brown 9th Northumberland Fusiliers died of wounds July 7th. The Army Council express their deep sympathy - Secretary War Office.