The Western Front

The Life and Death of a British Officer

Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown

Page 42 - Page 43 - Rumours

There is nothing to tell you here we carry along with ordinary training as at home. The men are feeling much better for their rest. We had our Company Christmas dinner last night and it was a great success. We leave here in a week. The report is that we go to A .... m ......s.


The latest report is that we go to St E....s, but it is quite impossible to believe any rumour. Am feeling better, though still have a bit of a sore throat.


Page 44 - The Bluff

February 23rd. Went up to Bluff with other officers to see around.


February 24th. Left for Bluff. FB went on ahead, took over about 7pm.


February 25th. Started sapping forward.


February 26th. Hun got his mind up and at 5pm put up coloured lights. A heavy bombardment. We all thought attack would take place.