The Western Front

The Life and Death of a British Officer

Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown

battalion_diary4 battalion_diary2

July 4th. At 5pm preliminary orders were received that Batt. Should assault QUADRANGLE TRENCH between BOTTOM ALLEY (inclusive) and a point about 250 yds. S.S.W. of the junction of SHELTER ALLEY with QUADRANGLE TRENCH. A reconnoitring party was accordingly sent out at 7pm under the 2nd in Command to select an assembly position.


At 9.30pm the Battn proceeded via FRICOURT, FRICOURT WOOD, FRICOURT FRAM to RAILWAY COPSE, where Battn H.Q. was established.


At 10.30pm the Battn relieved the 8th Batt. S. Staffs Regt and the 10th Batt Sherwood Foresters in trenches running along the help line between BOTTOM WOOD + SHELTER WOOD. The relief was completed by 11.45pm.


The Battn sustained the following casualties during the day :-


Wounded: 1 officer (Capt O.E. Wreford Brown – mortally).

O.R. 2