The Western Front

The Life and Death of a British Officer

Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown

Page 55 - The hole must have been 15 feet deep

They put over one their enormous minnenvorpers up, by my men, when the thing went of within 10 yards of us. It got rather an important part of our line where we have a ......... two Canadians were killed instantly. The hole must have been at least 15 feet in depth and the circumference at the very lowest estimate 60ft

APRIL 1916

Page 56 - Your red and white roses arrived

We got out of the trenches last night and are here for 8 days. We had quite a successful time and got through a good amount of work. I never seem to be able to settle down to write in the trenches as I am on the move a great deal buzzing round from place to place. Your red and white roses arrived quite all right and will be worn next Sunday.

Page 57 - Working hard

We are working very hard here and under RE are making good the trenches which were nothing to talk about when we arrived. Our REs are excellent and do good solid work.



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