The Western Front

The Life and Death of a British Officer

Captain Oswald Eric Wreford Brown

In 1920 friends of the family visited Eric's grave at Corbie and sent a letter home.

The letter contained a flower from his grave.


Letter_corbie1 letter_corbie2

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I was over in France the other day with Bertram and when visiting his brothers’ grave at Corbie, we noticed your brother’s grave in the same cemetery and he took a photograph of it, as we thought you might like a copy.


I also picked a flower from the base of the cross, which I now enclose with the photograph.


The cemetery is really an annexe of Corbie civilian cemetery, the slope which runs at the back of the grave separating the two cemeteries. It is well kept and looked after by an ex English soldier, a young Wiltshire gardener, who has married a French woman and settled down in Corbie.